What to Expect from Trilogy Tree Services: A Simple Process

We need more ‘simple’ in our busy lives. The team at Trilogy Tree Services can do that for you.

Once you contact us...

We will come to your property to assess the scope of work because every tree and every yard is different.  We strive to provide to most accurate quote possible.  We are confident that our pricing is competitive and reflects the care and quality of work provided by our experienced team.

We provide two types of site visits, the free estimate and the consultation.  The free estimate is great for when you know what you want and we are able to come by at our earliest opportunity to quote a price to do the work.  Often we don’t require you to be home and this is the quickest route to receiving a quote.  When specific work is not easily described, or when there are a large number of trees to look at, we are happy to meet with you on site.

Consider booking a consultation with one of our experienced arborists if you require advice or tree risk assessments.  Consultations incur a fee, depending on your location.  An arborist will meet with you on site to assess and discuss recommendations for your trees.  They will be able to answer any questions you may have about caring for existing trees or planting new trees. This is a verbal consultation, there is no written assessment provided.

Once the consultation is complete, we can prepare a quote for pruning, health care services and/ or removal services based on the arborist’s findings.  If you just wanted information, that’s fine too!

Once we have assessed the scope of work, we will send you a detailed, and descriptive quote.  We want you to be sure you know what you are getting when you accept the quote and give us your approval to proceed. At the time of confirmation, we will provide a time frame of when the work can be completed, payment information and things you can do to prepare for our visit.

What if my trees are into the power lines?

Property owners are responsible for keeping trees and shrubs on their property clear of overhead lines and hydro poles. Unless it is an emergency, MB Hydro will not cut back trees at homeowners requests.  

Our team can handle this for you.  When trees are close to high voltage lines or equipment on the poles, our administrative staff will contact MB Hydro to obtain proper safety clearances that will allow our team of arborist to work in close proximity to the lines.  We do not have to obtain clearances if we are pruning branches away from service lines that run from the house to the pole.

For more information from MB Hydro, click Here to visit their website.

What if a tree is on City of Winnipeg property?

Tree care, planting or removal work on City-owned boulevard or park trees requires approval before any work is completed.  Trilogy Tree Services Ltd is a pre-qualified contractor and our administrative staff will handle the paperwork required to obtain approval.  Approval can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 months depending on the City’s process.

What if I want to prune back my neighbour’s trees?

You can prune back any branches that extend over your property line, provided you do not compromise the health or structure of the tree.  You can be held liable for the death or decline of a tree if it is a result of improper pruning.

We recommend that you discuss your pruning plan with your neighbour before you approve our quote.  For liability and ethical reasons, we will require written approval from the property owner to allow us access and prune a neighbouring tree.  We are happy to provide a letter template that you can have your neighbour sign.   We believe that good neighbour relations are of utmost importance and do our very best to respect them and their property, as if they are our own clients.

Time to get to work!

When your tree work is scheduled may depend on the type of tree or the type of pruning that is planned, or it may be scheduled in the queue.  Unless there is a hazard of a limb or other parts of a tree failing, jobs are placed in the queue based on the date the quote was approved.

If requested, will provide notice prior to coming to do the tree work.  We do not require you to be home, however you are welcome to watch us work!  If you do not require that work be scheduled and we can do it anytime without notification (no telephone call, text or email), we can often get to jobs sooner.

The tree work performed will follow the specifications that were detailed in your quote.  We understand there may be changes to the plan as work progresses. The lead arborist will be able to discuss and amend the plan as needed, and inform you about the changes in the cost.

Quality Assurance and Safety

The arborists working on your trees will either be ISA Certified (International Society of Arboriculture), or apprenticing arborists working alongside a Certified Arborist.  Our workers are covered by WCB and Trilogy Tree Services Ltd carries $2M liability insurance.  Proof of insurance can be provided on request.

Our arborists are trained in the advanced techniques of tree climbing and rigging. This combined skill set allows us to access all parts of the tree even when there is no access for a bucket truck, such as riverbank properties, or properties without a back lane.  We can lower limbs on ropes to enable us to work over structures, in tight spaces, or to minimize impact on the landscape.

We provide full, same day clean-up (unless other arrangements have been made) of branches and wood. We have built a fine reputation for our meticulous clean-up, and pride ourselves on excellent service from start to finish.

Fostering a culture of safety is one of Trilogy Tree Services core values. We provide training in all aspects of the work we do and provide all necessary safety equipment. A safe work plan is created at the start of every job and all team members contribute and carry out the plan. Everyone home safe, every day.

Trilogy Tree Service: Since 2004, Trilogy Tree has achieved a reputation for excellent customer service, attention to detail and impeccable clean-up. Our Arborists are certified by the International Society of Arboriculture and participate in ongoing educational training to remain leaders in tree health care and removal techniques.

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