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Pruning determined by the end goal. That is why Trilogy’s Certified Arborists will listen to what you like or don’t like about your tree and will suggest a plan to mitigate a specific problem, maintain good health, promote strong structure, or reduce risk.

Because of our skills, quality of work, and knowledge of how trees grow, pruning has become our #1 requested service.

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Trilogy Tree Service specializes in low impact tree removals. Our Certified Arborists can determine if removal is the best solution to the problem. Trees may need to be removed if they are dead, dying, structurally unsound, or growing in an unsuitable location. However, some problems may be solved with specific pruning or structural support systems.

When tree removal is necessary, trust that our Arborists are highly trained and experienced in the controlled removal of trees of all sizes. Every tree presents a different challenge based on size, condition, and location. We use skillful climbing and a combination of rigging techniques to safely remove large trees from small places. This means that you don’t have to worry about heavy equipment on your property or providing access for large equipment.

Our team fully understands the hazards of working with trees, and we are committed to safe work practices as our top priority. As with any hired tradesperson or contractor, it is the homeowner’s responsibility to ensure they are insured while working on the property. We are happy to show you our certificates of insurance, just ask!

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Green Leaf


Our certified arborists determine the best tree or shrub for your yard with consideration to existing plants to keep the delicate relationship going for many years. Our arborist will help you choose the best place to plant depending on weather conditions, soil conditions, and other factors.

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Guys Leaning on a Tree


Consultations are an opportunity for property owners to ask questions and to learn about their trees.

Our consultation service includes a site visit by an ISA Certified Arborist. During the visit, they will provide you with recommendations and information to make the right decisions in caring for your trees.  Our consulting arborists have considerable experience and knowledge to spot potential problems and to recommend preventative measures.

Arborist Reports

The consulting arborists at Trilogy Tree Services can provide the following:

  • General health report including insects or disease along with recommendations.
  • Pre or post-construction reports
  • Tree Risk Assessments
  • Tree Appraisals
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Cable Bracing Systems

Cable & Bracing Systems

With a little support in all the right places, Trilogy’s arborists can give potentially hazardous trees a new lease on life. Support systems can be designed for trees that are prone to structural failure, and for trees that have already begun to split.

Our arborists have a trained eye for identifying weak limbs or unions, and recognizing which trees are candidates for a support system. Support systems could include any combination of cables, bracing or propping. Advanced knowledge of physics and tree dynamics is necessary to design and install support systems properly. Once installed, the potential risk to your property will be reduced, giving you a little more peace of mind!

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Healthy Tree

Plant Health Care

  • Emerald Ash Borer

    The arborists at Trilogy Tree Services can help you manage the ash trees on your property, and guide you on the most affordable route in dealing with this problem.

    We have toured through parts of Ontario and have seen first hand the devastating consequences of EAB. There were ash trees in various states of decline, including thousands that were standing dead. All liabilities. We’ve spoken with other arborists who were in the midst of dealing with the crisis and learned from their experiences.

    We will take those lessons and apply them as we manage the ash trees in your yard. We will help you choose between the two options: preventative treatment or remove & replace. Finally, we will help you determine when it is time to act.

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  • Dutch Elm Disease Prevention

    Winnipeg has the largest stand of American elm trees in North America!  Trilogy Tree Services offers DED preventative injections to keep your Elms healthy and contributing to our iconic elm canopy. We are dedicated to preserving our Elm trees and have many success stories to be proud of! We begin by visually assessing your tree to determine if it is free of disease before we recommend treatment and provide a quote.  We administer injections in July and August and maintain your tree in our database. We’ll contact you again in three years when it is due for another injection, so your tree is always protected.

    Preventative injections are one piece of the equation to keeping elms healthy, and there are other practices that tree owners can do as well, which are just as important.  Click here to learn more about Elm tree care.

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  • Insect Pest Control

    When outbreaks occur, we offer safe and targeted treatments to address harmful pest populations. We are mindful of the entire ecosystem (including beneficial insects) in which trees and shrubs are a part of, and use environmentally friendly products.

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Storm Damage Tree on Car

Storm Damage

Trilogy Tree Services understands the necessity of preventing further damage to your property, and the importance of assessing the remaining portion of the tree. Our arborists will safely remove the damaged tree or damaged sections. Storm damaged trees are unpredictable compared to healthy upright (or standing, or intact) trees and we have the experience and a full toolbox to handle any situation. We can get your yard back in order in no time, hopefully preserving as much of the damaged tree as possible.

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