Every once in a while, Mother Nature reminds us who’s boss! Storm-damaged trees on our properties can be quite alarming and in some situations, hazardous.  Remember, your safety is far more important than the disarray of your yard.


  • Do not walk beneath any portion of the failed limb or tree. Trees are unstable and move in unpredictable ways. Often they continue to move and settle after the initial break.
  • Stay away from downed utility lines.  Assume any downed line is energized and call Manitoba Hydro (204) 480-5900. Avoid touching anything near the downed line and be aware that downed power lines can be hidden in brush and foliage.

Believe it or not, limb failure and broken branches are a natural occurrence during storms for good reason, and trees have a process for dealing with it.  Once the hazards have been removed, we can assess whether the tree can be salvaged. Sometimes the tree will benefit from pruning or structural supports, and sometimes we can only step back and let the tree do its thing.  Trees are amazingly resilient and can often recover with time.  We just have to be patient and monitor how the tree responds.

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