From our first look at your tree, to the last branch picked up, it is an exercise in visionary asethetics and artistry.

In the forest, Mother Nature allows the trees to prune themselves, no human intervention is required!! However, when we expect trees to grow in an urban environment, maintenance pruning is a must. Since each cut has the potential to change the growth habit of (or cause damage to) a tree, no branch should be removed without a reason.

In our environment, we consider large dead branches or limbs a hazard to ourselves and our property. Our arborists will prune out deadwood using safe, controlled methods.

Sometime branches hang down or grow so low that they interfere with your activities or property. In this case, we will selectively remove those branches or limbs that are causing problems.

Because of our urban environment, trees are under a considerable amount of stress which leads to increased disease related dieback. Our arborist will prune out infected portions of the tree, as a natural control method for some diseases.

Pruning immature trees on a regular basis (every 3-5 years) is extremely important to its long term development. Our arborists will determine which branches will become the main structural scaffold of the tree when it is mature. It is also important that our arborists recognize and remove any limbs that will develop into structural problems.


The two main reasons we will prune your shrubs is to maintain a tidy appearance and to maintain them at a desired size.

While some shrubs take to shearing and hedging well, most shrubs benefit from the pruning techniques we use for trees. When our arborists use this technique, they are able to maintain a shrub’s natural shape, to promote flowering from year to year and they are able to maintain a healthier shrub which can fend of insects and diseases with more success.

"The guys did a great job today-- wish we had hired Trilogy the last time! We will definitely recommend you."

- Carol
West Kildonan, Winnipeg.