The Emerald Ash Borer beetle has been found in Winnipeg as of December, 2017.  This means that the beetle has actually been here for 3-4 years, undetected. Because of it's lifecycle it is very hard to find, and we often notice the tree itself showing significant decline indicating the beetle is present. Once the majority of the tips have died back, it is not possible to save the tree.

What Do We Do Next?


Ash trees can be injected to prevent the beetles from feeding and killing the tree. Injections are done early summer and must be done every two years. We are happy to inspect your tree, advise if prevention is feasible, and provide a quote.


DO NOT wait until your tree is dead before removing it.  Studies have shown that ash with less than 50% decline, are failing in unpredicable ways. There will be greater risk involved in removing dead trees, and homeowners are liable if the contractor doesn't have adequate insurance. We are happy to show you our certificates of insurance, just ask!