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Expert Arborist Services in Winnipeg, MB

Trilogy Tree Service offers a wide range of arborist services in Winnipeg. From tree pruning to removal, get expert tree care today!

Tree Pruning

Tree pruning involves the selective removal of specific branches and stems to promote healthy growth, enhance structural integrity, and improve a tree’s overall appearance. By eliminating weak, dead, or disease-ridden parts, tree pruning ensures the safety and longevity of your trees, enhancing the aesthetic and health of your outdoor spaces.

Tree Removal

Tree removal is the process of safely and efficiently eliminating unwanted trees from a property. Whether due to disease, structural hazards, or landscaping preferences, tree removal ensures a safe environment while making way for new growth or other land uses.

Tree Planting

Tree planting service involves selecting the right tree species, preparing the soil, and ensuring proper placement for optimal growth and sustainability. This service ensures trees are set up for long-term health, contributing to a greener environment and enhancing the landscape’s beauty.

tree planting

Tree Service Conultations

Tree service consultations offer expert advice on tree care, placement, and health. Professionals assess your trees and landscape, providing tailored recommendations to ensure the vitality and safety of your green assets while addressing specific concerns or goals.

tree consultations

Cable and Bracing Systems

Cable and bracing involves installing supportive hardware to stabilize and protect structurally weak or damaged trees. This preventative measure extends the tree’s life, reduces potential hazards, and ensures its continued growth in a healthy and safe manner.

Expert Arborist Services

Disease Prevention

Disease prevention service focuses on protecting trees from harmful pathogens and pests. Through regular inspections, tailored treatments, and expert guidance, this service ensures tree health, longevity, and resilience against common diseases and infestations.

disease prevention

Storm Damage

Storm damage service addresses trees impacted by severe weather events. This includes the safe removal of broken or hazardous limbs, emergency tree care, and restoring the landscape’s safety and aesthetics. Our professionals act swiftly to mitigate risks and ensure tree recovery.

storm damage service

Caterpillar and Worm Spraying

Worm and caterpillar spraying service targets harmful pests that can defoliate and weaken trees. Using eco-friendly and effective treatments, this service curbs infestations, preserving tree health and ensuring a vibrant and pest-free canopy.

caterpillar and worm spraying

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