The Emerald Ash Borer beetle was found in Winnipeg in December 2017. The reality of the impact this will have on our city, has not been felt yet. 30% of our canopy is Ash, and the mortality rate of ash trees in an infested area is 100%.


The silver lining is that we have had plenty of time to observe and learn from other jurisdictions on how to manage our ash tree population. Managing EAB involves identifying how many and which trees are ash, determining which of the two options to employ, and determining the timeline according to pest presence, and budget.






Ash trees can be injected to prevent the beetle larva from feeding and killing the tree. Trilogy uses a biological, organic product called TreeAzin. It does not pose a significant risk to bees or other non-target species. TreeAzin is injected into the tree in early summer, and applications are repeated every two years. TreeAzin may only be applied by a licensed pesticide applicator and one who has been trained by the supplier of TreeAzin. We are happy to inspect your tree, advise if prevention is feasible, and provide a quote.




DO NOT wait until your tree is dead before removing it. Studies have shown that ash with less than 50% canopy decline, begin to fail in unpredictable ways. There is a greater risk to your property and greater risk to those involved in removing the tree. Trilogy can help you determine when it is time to remove the tree(s), and can help you budget if you have numerous ash on your property.

As with any hired trades-person or contractor, it is the homeowner’s responsibility to ensure they are insured while working on the property. We are happy to show you our certificates of insurance, just ask!

Replacing ash trees is vital to our neighbourhoods and our entire urban canopy. The loss of 300,000 trees in our city will impact our quality of life and the lives of those who come after us. Trilogy believes in planting a diversity of species and planting the right tree in the right spot. We can help you choose a suitable tree, and plant it with care.

There isn’t an option to do nothing!

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